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Capsicum Cultivation in Kelamamgalam We are the best quality of material using to construct the Poly house. Reliability of the crop increases under poly house. The harvesting of capsicum is dependent on the closeness to the market. For more detail visit our website
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Mari Gold Seedling and Seeds suppliers Mari gold is one of the important annual flowers grown for commercial purposes all over the worlds.A fast decline in vigor and viability of Mari gold seeds is a main problem under ambient storage conditions.Little information has been reported on seedlings development of Mari gold subsequent to priming. For more detail visit our website
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Orchid Farming uses for Benches There are no set rules to follow when constructing benches for orchids. The height and width should be considered to suit the plants and the purpose of the green house e.g. storage, farming etc. The top surface of the benches should provide aeration and so should be formed by strips or mesh. For more detail visit our website
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Hi tech Gerbera Cultivation Gerbera flower can give very high return if planned and maintained well. Red lateritic soils are good for Gerbera cultivation as it is having all the essential qualities that an ideal soil. For more detail visit our website
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Drip Irrigation System for Poly House Construction Immediate Irrigation is required after planting and continue to irrigate for a month to enable a good root establishment. There after drip irrigation should be done once in 2days @ 4liter /drip/plant for 15minutes. An average requirement of water is up to 700ml/dag/plant. For more detail visit our website