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Terrace Garden in Hosur Make a Terrace Vegetable Garden on your roof top, it is easy if you'll do this with some planning. In this article you'll learn which vegetables are suitable and organic foods. For more detail visit our website
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Hi tech Gerbera Cultivation Gerbera flower can give very high return if planned and maintained well. Red lateritic soils are good for Gerbera cultivation as it is having all the essential qualities that an ideal soil. For more detail visit our website
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Capsicum cultivation in poly house Capsicum is good quality compare to open cultivation. Construction of the poly house using GI material. For more detail Visit our website
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Orchid Cultivation in Bangalore Orchids are most fascinating and beautiful of all flowers. They exhibit a wide range of diversity in form, size, colour and texture of flowers beyond the imagination of human mind. This manifold and perplexing range of floral structures arouse our highest admiration. For more detail visit our website
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Poly House Qualities Poly house gives better protection compared to net house due to total avoidance of rain water entry into poly house; hence leaf diseases can be easily controlled. Yield is normally 15-20 per cent more in poly house compared to net house.GI pipes are used to construct poly house. For more detail visit our website